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New York/Delaware/D.C.

Hayley and I just got back from a trip we took visiting Lindsay, Dustin, Ethan, and Elliot.  Initially, the thought was we would go to New York, quickly see some of the sites, and then move on to Delaware where her sister’s family is located.  What a surprise it was for us when we found out we were also getting to spend a night in D.C. with Lindsay, Dustin, and the boys!  Of course, I brought my camera and it was by my side the entire time.  Here are some of the pictures from the trip:

I was lucky to have Hayley as my beautiful photog. model for the trip.  One of MANY snaps taken as the subway was passing by, the flag and reflection were sheer luck:

I snapped this while he was waiting to cross the street.  If you haven’t been to Times Square, let me be the 5 millionth person to tell you it’s amazing:

City Never Sleeps

On top of 30 rock, facing the Empire State Building:


Hayley and another American flag.  There’s a connection there.  She’s an American.  I talked her into posing while the people passed by at the busy station.  I don’t know if the couple leaning on each other in the background was trying to get in on the action, but I thought it turned out pretty cool.  One second exposure is what got the blurred movement for everyone else:

Passing By

This may just look like a snapshot to everyone, and maybe it is, but this was super difficult to acheive! (just ask Blake and Elyse).  I didn’t have my tripod with me so my camera was resting on a building ledge, remote shutter.  This couldn’t be taken with a normal flash as the city in the background would be washed out.  I had to set it to rear flash to capture the city in a long exposure and then the camera would fire the flash for the foreground after.  Basically, it was a long exposure and everyone had to stand really still for like 15 sec.

Honeymoon Crashing

Yes, that’s the camera remote in my hand.  What of it?:

NYC Panorama.  My first try at a pan:



Possibly the biggest bubble I’ve ever seen…oh and I’ve seen some bubbles!:


Here’s me, trying to avoid holding a camera at the normal height for taking pictures because it’s usually not the best point of view.  For this shot, I actually set my camera on the ground, focused on the leaves, and set the camera to F4 for a super fast exposure, as I was wanting to blur everything but the foreground:

Central Park

Maybe…no probably…no definitely the cutest little guy ever:


Arlington National Cemetery is an absolute must see:

Section 33

Not only was the feeling of the place one to remember, we also got unbelievable fall colors to go along with it.  I really loved this place:

On the ground once again, as I didn’t have my tripod.  This took about 20 shots to achieve.  The end result is still technically underexposed but I like it that way.  I got some pretty weird looks from people walking by as all 6’4″ of me was sprawled out on my stomach trying to get this picture to work:

Lincoln Memorial Reflection

This picture doesn’t do it justice.  You can tell from the picture above how big the statue is compared to the people walking up to it.  This picture was really underexposed but I did it on purpose because I wanted everything dark except Abe.  I used photoshop to dodge the statue and words while burning the corners to try and make the whole thing stand out:

Honest Abe

World War II memorial:

Well, that’s that.  We had an absolute blast and I’m extremely thankful that Dustin and Lindsay allowed us the visit while making us feel really special by planning a visit to D.C. for all of us.  Hopefully we’ll get to go back again someday and spend more time in both NY and DC as they are both amazing places to visit.