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The Orton Effect

Thanks to one of my favorite landscape photographers, Darwin Wiggett, I’ve learned a new concept called “The Orton Effect”, which is a method used for creating photographs with a “painterly” feel to them. I re-edited a couple photos from California last summer that I felt would benefit greatly from this method:

Both of these shots were right behind the hotel we were staying at. 🙂 We were really roughing it:

This Next shot is one of my favorite beaches in Cali:

I’m really excited to use this technique once the fall colors start hitting the trees. Could definitely make for some interesting stuff! If you are a photographer, be sure and check out the link I included to “The Orton Effect” as I truly believe this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for photography.



Laguna Beach, CA

Every summer our family takes a week off for vacation and 99% of the time we go to Laguna Beach.  I’m more of the idea that vacations should be for going somewhere you’ve never been before, but with Laguna being as nice as it is, there’s really no complaining.  Here are a few pictures I wanted to share from the trip:

Mountains in the Mojave National Preserve

Overlooking Laguna Niguel

I really like the milky effect that long exposures put on water.

Meredith enjoying the view


We got to see the Dodgers play the Angels while we were here and it was pretty sweet.  My sister and I got $5 each to go up to the very top of the stadium.  We were sitting on the complete opposite side.  It was worth it though, we turned the money into some delish ice cream cookies.  We deserved it.  As a side note, for you perfectionists out there, I actually flipped the original picture to make everything go left to right.  More natural feeling, but the scoreboard text is now backwards.  Maybe someday I’ll learn how to fix that. 😉

Dusk at the Ritz - 4 min. exposure

The white lines in the sky are stars.  When you expose for this amount of time, you start to track their movement throughout the sky!

Mom and Meredith (this is my favorite shirt of Mer's)

Annual Laguna Beach family picture!

Cadillac Farm - Amarillo, TX

This place in Amarillo was a little creepy.  Ten cars, the front halves buried in the ground, right by the side of the highway and people just come and spray paint on them every day.

That’s it!  Thanks for checking in.