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Excitebike II

My final version of a photo taken a few months back:

The original version looked like this:

To be honest I was pretty happy with the original version but I felt it lacked impact.  The two elements (rider and sun) seemed to compete for attention.  My goal when capturing this picture was to keep everything as simple as possible, which is why I only included the sun and sky without the ramp or any ground area.  So I finally decided to enhance that goal even more with my final edit by combining the two elements.  The hardest part was getting the colors inside the wheels to match the surrounding sky.  That was definitely a challenge!




It’s exciting when photos happen by complete accident.  I was out shooting something that wasn’t coming together in the way I’d pictured at all.  Engine sounds kept roaring in the distance and I thought someone was doing some heavy-duty mowing.  Looking over, I saw a kid on a dirt bike 15 ft. in the air! Instantly, I decided it was a much stronger possibility for a photo than what I was trying to do:

Jumping into the Sunset

Turns out there were three of them riding and I swear when they saw me taking pictures they started getting even more air on their jumps.  Total show offs but hey, I can’t blame them, I was truly impressed!

It’s funny because my friend Tristan and I were just talking about how we missed the game Excitebike on Nintendo.  When I was taking this picture I totally felt like a kid playing the game once again – except with a little better graphics:

Oh memories.